Implementation plan for TBNA to promote construction of integrity culture

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-06-26 11:45

It was learned from the Development and Reform Commission of Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) that the Implementation Plan for Promoting Construction of Integrity Culture in Binhai New Area was released. The TBNA will further strengthen education and guidance, focus on the cultivation of practice, create an atmosphere of public opinion, vigorously promote the practice of honesty publicity and education and construction of integrity culture, create a strong and honest social atmosphere, and help the creation of civilized urban areas across the country.

In terms of strengthening education and guidance, the TBNA will strengthen integrity education in key areas, give play to the leading role of advanced models, and carry out promotional activities on the theme of integrity and honesty. For example, it will make full use of the nodes such as the "Integrity Construction Miles" theme publicity campaign, Integrity Promotion Month, National Quality Month, Food Safety Publicity Week and other nodes to highlight the publicity themes and key points while holding various integrity publicity activities.

In terms of practical development, the TBNA will highlight the theme of integrity in the creation of spiritual civilization, and the requirements for strengthening the construction of integrity will be incorporated into the mass spiritual civilization creation system. At the same time, various types of honesty theme practical activities are carried out, such as the establishment of honesty industry, the promotion of the establishment of honesty industry in retail, transportation, farmers' markets, telecommunications and electricity closely related to people's lives, and the promotion of strict implementation of "honesty" "service" standard. It will also standardize business operations, do a good job in after-sales service, effectively provide consumers with convenience, and ensure that consumers’ legitimate rights and interests are effectively guaranteed; it will carry out the establishment of integrity units, and each unit will widely select and promote social integrity models to ensure that the main body operates in good faith in accordance with the law, creating an economic and social development environment that is compliant with laws and regulations as well as civilization and honesty; it will launch the establishment of a model district of integrity, and the TBNA will actively promote key commercial areas such as Jiefang Road Commercial Street, foreign goods market, and Binhai Wanda Plaza in line with the actual situation. The theme of "model block" carries out practical activities, advocates treating people with sincerity, constructing an honest business environment, and building a distinctive commercial brand in Binhai New Area; it will carry out the establishment of a model store of honest management, select key enterprises (stores) in the TBNA, with the theme of honesty and trustworthiness, to carry out "Ten Thousand Stores Without Counterfeit Goods" and "Integrity Management Demonstration Store" activities, advocate the traditional virtue of believing in trust and doing business with sincerity, transform the concept of integrity into the consciousness of the operators' actions, and let the broad masses of people "eat safely with assurance."